Tuesday, August 25, 2009

My First Blog

Today I took the time to look at many online blogs by various designers, artists, and architects. Looking at the blogs really got me excited to endeavor out on the journey of becoming an interior architect myself! It motivated and encouraged me as I start to prepare myself for the road to eventually reach my goal. I am so excited about the courses, work, and projects that I will undertake this semester, and the following 4 years. The blog which stood out to me the most was definitely the one done by Suzanne Cabrera. It accomplished the personal and professional aspects of a blog, which can sometimes be a difficult task. The drawings, sketches, and photographs were all done so well, but they still had that personal flair to them, which I loved! Her creativity amazed me, and really got me excited to start a blog of my own! I think I'm really going to love this!