Monday, October 19, 2009

"Junk Drawer"

For this sketchbook assignment we were to pull open our junk drawer and draw in pen with shading using thatch work techniques. Since I don't have a junk drawer, but do have a drawer of fabrics, I used it instead. I have a lot of paisley materials so it was a lot of drawing and took a long time to do. I was skeptical at first to the fact that you could literally shade using pen, but can now say that it is possible and I am very excited about it!

Thursday, October 15, 2009


The goal of this project was to define unity through 12, 4" by 6" pieces of bristol board, and 12 bamboo skewers. It needed to be over a 12" by 12" base. This project was definitely a challenge and really forced me to think outside of the box. I started with two ideas...a Chinese takeout box with chopsticks and a parachute...two completely different thoughts. The next step was to pull out my sketchbook and start a "throw-up" sheet.

Next I started playing with the Bristol board and the skewers and rendered a model of each idea.
Chinese take-out box


After critique, it was decided that I would continue on with the Chinese take-out box idea. I built a new model that was much more well crafted than the first model. Every part was equally placed together.

When my model was done is started drawing. I drew a front view, right view, plan view, detail, and 3-dimensional view of the model.
Front View

Right View

Plan View



Once completed with these steps I went on to create a collage of graphics of every thought or idea I encountered along the way.

Overall this project was difficult. Designers have very free, open minds, and when given boundaries that they must take into consideration, a struggle arises.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Interior Spaces

This was another sketchbook assignment given in our drawing class. We were to go out and draw 5 interior spaces, preferably containing people, that we found inspiring. Along the way, I looked at in particular pieces I found in these atmospheres that I found interesting, and decided to draw them.

Tuesday, October 13, 2009


16 drawings of cell phone

16 drawings of stick

32 drawings of cell phone

32 drawings of stick

32 drawings of stick and cell phone combined

16 drawings of stick and cell phone combined

8 drawings of stick and cell phone combined

4 drawings of stick and cell phone combined


from bottom right drawing

from top right drawing

from top left drawing

from bottom left drawing

For this project we started with two things. A stick and a cell phone. First we were to zoom in and out on the stick and cell phone to make a total of 16 drawings per item, 32 drawings all together. Next, we zoomed and and simplified in greater detail each page of drawings into two separate pages of 16 drawings, one for the stick and one for the cell phone. Once this step was completed, we were to create one page of 32 drawings combined of the stick and cell phone. After this, we zoomed in three more times in a page of 16 drawings, 8 drawings, and the final set of 4 drawings. From the last four drawing we created 4 3-dimensional models of whatever we wanted based off how the drawings make us feel. When the project was completed we ended up with a total of 156 drawings and 4 models. This project was really amazing. I loved the process and seeing how everything really came together in the end.


I love when we get to play with color!


These are just a few drawings I did of food lying around.