Wednesday, January 27, 2010


For this assignment, we were to create another two-page spread in our sketchbooks illustrating "our first week back." The layout had to be based off a page in a magazine in which we believed to have good composition. I chose an ad from J.C. Penny in Seventeen magazine which was run out in of. This is where the inspiration for my two-page spread cam from.


  1. I really like your text, it fits very well with the whole idea of this assignment. I think you tell your story very well and whoever sees this will really know what you did your first week back.

  2. The contrast of the bold lines on your drawings, and the narrow lines used for the script in the background make your drawings really "Pop" in your composition. well done

  3. Like Kelly said, your use of line weight is really excellent in this.
    And it's always intriging when text is used as a background. Great job!