Sunday, May 2, 2010

Presentation Reflection

Presentations have not always come so easy for me. I can honestly say that it is not my favorite thing to get up in front of a large group of people and show my work. I have learned that high school presentations, are much different than college presentations, and I am sure that college presentations will be much different than presentations that I will make in the career world. Although I have done presentations in the past, I feel as if Friday was my first, “real,” presentation. I was scared. Writing papers have always come fairly easy for me. There is not a very large possibility that you could miss something, as it is all written down before you. On the other hand, with an oral presentation, I feel that there is always that possibility of missing something important, or not saying something that needed to be said to really get the idea of your project across. As I stood at the front of the room with my note cards, everyone in the room judging my work, I felt there was no need for me to be nervous. I knew that I had done my best. The hours I had spent preparing and fixing, all amounted up to a five minutes that overall I found myself proud of. There were pro's and con's of going nearly last. I was able to get a good feel of what I should talk about, and what should be said, but also I felt as the critiques of my classmates went on, the questions got narrower and more difficult. Listening and watching my other classmates was very helpful. Not only does it give me the opportunity to appreciate others work, but it also gives me the opportunity to appreciate my own. Along with a class of forty, comes many different styles and tactics. Each individual has explored these different styles and found one of their own which best suit their creative style and essentially gives them their individualism. Although, many times throughout the critique, I would see others work and wish I could do something like they did, I still remember there are plenty of things I have of my own, which make up my style that others don't have. If we all designed the same, then there would be no such thing at creativity. There would never be anything new or different. At the beginning of the year I was timid. I was scared that my work wouldn't be good enough, or and everyone elses would just be better. As the year has progressed and come to an end, I feel as if my mindset has completely changed. This year has shown me so much, from what I am capable of, to who the designer is inside of me. I now have a new respect and appreciation for myself that I didn't have before. Not only do I have this appreciation for myself, but I also have it for others. I think that when you are forced to put in all of this hard work, something much greater comes out of it than just a finished product. We discover a style in a broader sense.