Tuesday, November 16, 2010



“Art Nouveau succeeds as a creative and imaginative style that creates total works of art.”
(Harwood, 484)

Postal Savings Bank
Otto Wagner
Vienna, Austria

Many times have we seen glass ceilings when dealing with the industrial revolutions from all over the world, but this is the first time we see the ceiling along with its opposing plane, the floor, being made of glass. This allows not only for one floor of the building to be illuminated by the natural light, but also the one underneath it, as the glass allows for the light to bleed through to a second space of the building. This concept is very conventional and well designed. We also find that the heating ventilation system is not hidden, but yet celebrated in this building.

Helsinki Central Railway Station
Carl Edelfelt
Helsinki, Finland

With over 200,000 passengers occupying the train station each day, the Helsinki Central Railway Station is not only designed efficiently to meet the needs of those who use it most, but is designed stylistically in how it ultimately meets the standards of a beautiful Art Nouveau masterpiece. The Glass ceiling allows light to flood the loading space, as curvilinear forms give character to the building which allows us to see its Ats Nouveau personality.


Scott Specht

Although it is only a proposed idea in 3-D model form, it is a very intent approach to the idea of “machines for living.” With it's interchangeable parts, and modernistic approach to architecture, the building truly embodies Le Corbusier's idea of a machine. Although the word “modern” has a different meaning for the 1920's as it does for now, the fact that this building truly embodies the highest technologies for today's time period, we are allowed to use this word when describing it. In terms today, modern has meanings such as sustainability, green-efficient, holistic, and safe, and when studying this building deeper, we see that the zeroHouse embodies all of these things.



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  1. [1] two great examples, not mainstream. nice ties between the two. [2] the very fact that this remains a hypothetical building, made by machine is a nice connection. make more of it.