Wednesday, January 19, 2011

IAR 202: wi 2


(v): to turn aside; swerve; remove from a way, course, route; digress from a line of thought or reasoning.


: a deviation of the light

The reflection of light off of two mirrored surfaces causes a redirection, or deviation, of the light. This then causes a glow upon the room. The room has a a tube, or a solid, of sorts placed in it, and fitted so that the tube is the space which one may occupy. The linearity of the room, shows the occupant their line of progression, with a destination point of another solid, which defines the private quarters. Our boundary is considered those areas of the space outside of the inserted solid. The spaces which one cannot occupy. Circulation is a straight line through the rectangular space, progressing from one point to the next with no stops off course. Objects are placed along the walls of the space to encourage the idea of progression. The use of color is restricted to blacks and whites, as light and the absence of it, or shadow, become the most important aspect of the room.


: a deviation of the path

The idea of chance is implied as you enter this large space in which its most outer dimensions are based off the rules of the golden section. Two columns are to the left and straight ahead lies a wall which is off axis as one individual enters the door. The wall separates what one sees and what one cannot, making behind the wall a perfect place of privacy. This creates the ultimate boundary between what is in ones line of sight, and what is not. This quickly becomes the individuals primary destination as curiosity settles within. Circulation becomes sporadic as exploration is implied and encouraged within this space. Objects are placed in all parts of the room so that ones path is off kilter. This space longs for the individual to seek journey and adventure, as that is what it is trying to achieve. Color is of light earthy tones to enhance nature and its unpredictability.


: a deviation of the norm

This large, purely square space is misleading from the exterior as to what one may expect in the inside, as curves are found quite frequently. The space owns two walls which are separated by a small space that shows a peek of what is the extravagance of the room. The “peek” of this moment creates anxious excitement as one must keep making their way through the maze to find this landmark, which can be characterized as our destination. The walls separating the individual from this moment is what we will state as our boundaries. They are an obstacle of sorts, but are also the connector to the place of destination, as the curved walls lead one to the spot. Circulation is twisted throughout the space and allow an individual to go one of two ways after entering through the door. My goal is to confuse the person with excitement as to which path they should explore first. Objects within the space will be unseen until a path is chosen. Color is very important, as this seductive space is characterized by shades of reds and purples, with accents of silver. The goal is for an individual to achieve a feeling of want.

Diagramming and Narratives

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