Sunday, February 13, 2011

IAR 202: Reflection

My Circle Will Never Be Complete.

I believe education is a lifelong journey which I will always be on. As long as I have the ability to learn, I will do so, as I have learned that what I know is the only thing someone can never take from me. With every new assignment, comes a new design, a new set of ideas, a new concept, a new strategy of how to do things, new failures, new successes, and most importantly, new lessons learned in the end. The mistakes I make are not regretted, but appreciated, as they are vital to my growth as a designer. I have learned to embrace my flaws, and use them to my advantage in knowing that I can always do better than what has previously been done. Although nerves are always present on critique day, I am more than anything anxious to learn what I can do to make my work better. your work becomes personal to you, and having it torn down to pieces is quite hard, but very helpful. I see it as encouragment to do my best, as I continue to learn new things about design. I have also learned to embrace my talents and use them to the best of my ability, which is why I am most excited about the upcoming Jenga 3.0. With two other team members, I feel this could be one of my best projects as we combine our individual strongest areas in the design realm to create something beautiful.

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