Tuesday, February 1, 2011

IAR 202: wi 3

Linking Writing + Reviewing

During presentation times I was assigned to review two of my peers individually, Corry Mears and NicoleWare. Nikki designed her three spaces around the concept word “leap,” whereas Corry designed his three spaces around the concept word “glide.” Although these two words are an action characterized by movement, one fights gravity while the other clings to it.

Nicole Ware

Frog Leaps. Water Ripples. Comes Back Together.
Nikki chose to use her narrative as her guide not only throughout her presentation to relay it cohesively, but also chose to leave her design process up to it, as she created a beautiful story through her project using the leap of a frog to do so. The first space she designed was about the action of leap, where things in her space seemed to “take off.” The second space she designed was about what was going on around the action: how the water looks and reacts to the leap itself. Finally, the third space she designed was about the disturbance of the water as the leap came to its end, and the frog met it once again. Her color choices were blues and greens, using plastic materials to accentuate her idea. Not only were Nikki's ideas cohesive, she also offered graphically readable sections and truly incorporated each kit of parts into her designs.

Corry Mears

Sleek And Smooth. Floatation. Aviation.
Corry offered us one of the most cohesive and visibly attractive presentations out of the entire class. His deliverable were not only graphically interesting, but when paired with his words, he truly showed us how the worlds can collide to create something great. The first space he designed, focused on the idea of the definition of glide which is sleek and smooth. This space took on a very modernistic approach to architecture using cool, harsh colors to convey its purpose. The second space was designed around the word floatation using many elevation changes and the idea of “hover.” The last space was designed using the idea of aviation, or the process of taking flight. Not only does he present to us his best work on every occasion, Corry's presentations are always something to look forward to, while he always offers a laugh or two in even the most formal presentations. His confidence in his work is aspiring, and truly sells whatever he is proposing.

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