Thursday, February 9, 2012

Feedback loop: critical discourses

I was assigned my fellow classmate, Brian Peck, to review his work thus far on the library project. Brian is in the Jackson Library group, and started out in the early stages of the project researching the furnishings within that space. He took photographs of each piece and articulated them and their purpose, or lack there of (which occurred more often than not). From his delineation, he then stripped the space and studied its structural components. Once he was familiar, he then added to the space what he though was necessary and affected it in a positive way. Now that I have provided the basic background information, I am to critique his design and technique and make suggestions as to his next steps for the Jackson space. I am glad I was assigned Brian's project to critique, due to the fact that I liked it so much. His process was the best part of the entire project as far as I am concerned. Taking the before, during and after pictures not only helped the designers in the room better understand the space, but also showed the librarians how much potential the space they occupy daily has. The only downside I found to this technique was that I felt as if so much time was spent on that portion, the design was put on the back burner. Brian's proposal was far from ordinary, I am just hoping that in the next stages of the project, it has more emphasis on what items and objects occupy the space, and help attract more people to the Jackson Library.

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