Monday, February 20, 2012

Steps from here...

From the feedback I received on Friday...

-Sensor the water
-Convey calm (white sound)
-Comfort can be received
-Words (inspirational words)
-Create a categorized story
-Ceiling or floor can be manipulated.
-Unify all through single gesture.
-Falling Water-Frank Lloyd Wright

...I have decided to proceed forward in this way...

-Combine the Inspiration and Water walls into one singular piece of inspiration with water.
-Let the students choose words of inspiration to place within the outer face of the water wall.
-Make it fluid throughout the space, picking up and leaving off where walls begin and end.
-Materials in Library should coincide with concept, going from THICK to smooth.
-Keep and further concept..."Water is pulled to the ground by gravity, much life knowledge is pulled into ourselves.

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